Vintage is Us


Born and raised in the decades of modernism.
Surrounded by the type of furniture from our collection.
We do now realize the impact of that era.
The quality. The craftsmanship. The design and its beauty.

In the disposable and low cost oriented society of today,
the urge for authenticity and recycling is growing.
We have started to revalue the origin and superb quality
of modernistic design. In other words, old values are recognized
and rewarded again. We embrace those values.

With our eyes as best friends, we discovered true fascination
for the great variety of design of these modern times.
This is how we started hunting for our so called Pearls.
Overwhelmed by its beauty, we feel closely connected to every piece
we acquire. Naturally, vintage and us became inseparable.



Our Vows and Beliefs


The Idea is our Foundation

Us hunting and collecting pearls of artistic and practical design from the era of modernism.

The Plan is our Performance

Us preparing and offering a broad range of high quality vintage design for personal, creative or professional purposes.

The Sequel is our Client

Us inspiring and attracting designers, collectors, traders and all admirers of mid modern 20th century furniture design.

The Process is our Knowledge

Us investing and researching deeply in the treasures of interior design that the last century has left behind.

The Feeling is our Quality

Us being involved with passion to conserve the craft and work that has been done, reassuring future users a careful composed collection.

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