IKEA Swedish Modular Sofa Designed by Svante Schöblom in Olive Green with White Floral Design Fabric, 7 Elements. Sweden, 1970s. Ref. SM082


Large and light weighted playful IKEA Swedish Design modular sofa manufactured in the 1970s. In total there are 10 elements available; 4 corner elements and 6 straights. The corners and straight elements are interchangeable, so the elements can be arranged as desired. Although the colour of the fabric is at some parts a little bit faded, the condition of the olive green with white floral design sofa is still in a very well preserved condition. The preformed elements are made of polystyrene covered with a foam layer for comfortable seating. The bottom of each element is fitted with new caps. As long as there are enough elements available it is possible to decide respectively for a sofa consisting of 10 elements, 7 elements, 5 elements or 3 elements.

The prices are as follows:
10 elements (4 corners, 6 straights): € 3.450,- euro
7 elements (3 corners, 4 straights): € 2.750,- euro
5 elements (2 corners, 3 straights): € 1.950,- euro
3 elements (1 corner, 2 straights): € 1.250,- euro

The sizes of the corner and straight elements are equal (70x70x70 cm), seating height is 38 cm.
There are more photos available if needed.


  • Designer: Svante Schöblom
  • Type: Modular Sectional Sofa, 10 Elements
  • Manufacturer: IKEA
  • Year: 1970s
  • Country: Sweden
  • Materials: Fabric, Polystyrene, Foam
  • Condition: Very well preserved
  • Sizes corner and straight elements:
  • Height: 70 cm
  • Width: 70 cm
  • Depth: 70 cm
  • Seating Height: 38 cm
  • Ref.: SM082