Have a Seat


Our goal is to offer furniture collectables. On- and offline.
The webshops at one side. The gallery and office on the other.
We love to communicate. We believe in personal contact.
We feel the product is key!

We think your goal is to rely on accurate information. To trust
on its condition, quality, availability and the way of delivery.
The mutual goal is a clear way of understanding.
A long term relationship. A trustworthy way of doing business.
This can only be achieved together.

We’re also here to support your business and foster your succes.
We’re happy to supply everywhere around the world. We like
making special offers to designers, stylists, architects or anyone
working in a residential or commercial design-based business.
We’ll answer all questions regarding the design and fabrication
of our products.

This is the way we like to deal with you. In both our worlds.
The invitation is yours.






Our Terms and Conditions


Return Policy
All sales are final and all items are sold as it is. Once a piece has been purchased, it cannot be returned or exchanged (neither for shop credit nor for
different merchandise). All pieces are vintage or antique and have lived a prior life. The condition of each piece is unique due to its age and level of use.
We highly recommend that you inform yourself about it or visit our locations to view a piece before purchasing it. We are not responsible for the
condition of pieces after they leave our location. With all pieces, light reflects differently in photos and may cause a slight inconsistency with the
actual colour of the piece. If you purchase the piece online, we will not issue refunds based on issues with the colour.
Hold & Cancellation Policy
We offer holds for a 25% deposit of a piece’s full price including tax. Holds last up until 2 weeks if 25% deposit is paid within 48 hours; if you decide
not to purchase, your deposit will become a shop credit that is valid for 1 year. Email, phone, or in-person correspondence does not imply a binding
contract for a piece.
Storage Policy
Items purchased in full can be stored with us for up to 2 weeks from your purchase date. You must either arrange for delivery or pick up the piece
prior to the end of those 2 weeks. A 50 euro per item charge will incur for each week or any part of it after the first 2 weeks up to the maximum
of 4 weeks; After 1 week of overdue pick-up, product returns to shop for sale (No refunds will be issued at this time).
Delivery Policy
All purchases and price agreements are based on pick up by buyer at our warehouse in Riemst, Belgium (near Maastricht, NL).
When offers an item including delivery to the customer, requested by this customer, then the distribution and the delivery are an
additional service which administratively on the address and on behalf of the customer will be commissioned to freight or mail and parcel services
by In that case: bears no responsibility other than proper exchange of delivery data and accepts no liability for a
delivery service.
Deliveries via mail and parcel services will be provided as much as possible with track and trace codes which will be communicated with the client.
If that is not possible it will be sent by registered mail. Customer is obliged to conclude a transport loss and damage insurance or bear the risk of
transportation lost and damage himself.
In case of damage or loss during transport, hands over all its available data on the carrier to the customer so that he can directly
process his request with the carrier. Customer has the ability to inspect the objects at the above address before any delivery. Before packaging takes pictures of objects and -if desired- hands over these pictures in case of loss or damage.
Search and Research Policy
We also offer styling- and interior advice for business or private purposes. Creative professionals, setdressers for film and/or tv or interior
architects can make a request to search or research a special or specific item by giving us an description and/or look and feel of the items needed.
We are interested in a personal approach for a longterm relationship.
Payment Policy
The customer may be requested to make a down payment to 50% on the account of Final payment should always be paid at or
before the delivery time by bank or in cash. If full down payment is agreed, the client may not assert any rights regarding the execution of the order
or service(s) before the down payment has been made. We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal and Maestro.
All transactions are taken in Euro’s (€) excl. BTW/VAT. Local import duties and taxes should be paid by the client. If your credit card is in any other currency, the rate of exchange will be that of your card issuer and you may
be charged an international fee by them. Payment online will be accepted by Paypal.